UnitedHealthOne Insurance Plans

Copay Plans: UnitedHealthOne Copay plans are similar to traditional coinsurance offered by employer plans that include a copayment for out-of-pocket medical expenses. If you are looking for a plan that offers copay benefits, preventive care, and prescription drugs, we have two plans for you to choose from. Learn More

HSA Plans Health Savings Account plans that combine lower-cost, high-deductible health insurance with a tax-advantage health savings account. Learn More

High Deductible Plans: These plan offers the Lowest Premiums of all UnitedHealthOne plans! High deductible health insurance allows you to save money on your premiums while taking the responsibility of covering minor or routine out of pocket medical expenses if they come up. Learn More

UnitedHealth ContinuitySM Guarantee future health insurability for individuals, families when they need it. UnitedHealth Continuity is unique in that individuals can turn the product “on” or “off” as their needs change, and do this as many times as they need. Learn More

Dental Plans provides coverage from dental cleanings to root canals. Dental insurance plans provide you with the coverage you need to promote good dental health. Learn More

Short Term MedicalSM provides medical coverage for the in-between times. An individual may select nonrenewable coverage for one to six months*. It can be an alternative to COBRA health insurance and can provide temporary health insurance for individuals who may have… Learn More

*4 months in New Hampshire and Kansas.